22 unusual ways to relieve anxiety

For people suffering from mental problems, such as anxious disorders, ordinary relaxation methods are often ineffective. Perhaps you are also familiar with similar situations when the usual methods do not work. How else can you help yourself?

During an attack of anxiety, it is really difficult to calm down. Sometimes it seems that you have tried all the well -known relaxation techniques, but nothing helps. Readers of Themighty site.COM talked about what helps them calm down:

1. “Trips by car help to relax. I like that you need to focus on the road, this does not make it possible to go into your senses. ” Jenny b.

2. “I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, concentrate on history, on my voice, and this helps the brain relax,” – Savannah K.

3. ”Heavy metal! When I close my eyes and listen to it, everything around me seems to begin to accelerate to the beat of music, moving faster than my thoughts. This helps to drown out the alarm ” – Tim f.

4. “I still have a children’s plush toy, which I keep with me and stroke when I am tormented by anxiety. This helps to take your hands with something when a frantic stream of thoughts rushes in my head, ”- Erin s.

5. “I can imagine that I am surrounded by a white reflecting light that protects me. I ask him not to let in any negative energy, missing only positive, love and light, ” – Jen d.

6. “I like to cook, it clarifies thoughts well. Often the most successful culinary creations are obtained just when the head is busy with different worries. The chores in the kitchen help me calm down and come to a balanced state, ” – Amanda l.

7. “My method is computer games, and if I can’t concentrate on the game, embroidery with a cross helps me,” – Chazz s.

8. “I sing to myself, especially in public places, for example, in a grocery store. It seems strange to many, they think that this should aggravate the alarm even more. I was always reassured by music, and when I sing for myself, at least I don’t start to pound my heart furiously and there is something to concentrate on ” – Rebecca b.

9. “During a panic attack, I begin to count a trifle in my pocket. The ringing of coins and the account process help to pull themselves together, ” – Kimberly D.

10. “Puzzles help me-they give me an opportunity to concentrate on something, I have a goal that needs to be achieved, and the assembled puzzle brings satisfaction,”- Kili b.

eleven. ”Cleaning. The mess and chaos are aggravated by the alarm, but when I start to clean and see the results, it helps to relax, as if a heavy load had fallen from my shoulders, ” – Jessica a.

12. “I drink something very hot or very cold. The unusual temperature of the drink makes it drink consciously and distracts it from anxiety. The psychotherapist once taught me this technique. ” Christina s.

13. “I make a stand on my shoulders. I think the opportunity to see the surrounding from another corner helps to relax, ” – Kane u.

14. ”I play” The Sims ”. In a world where everything is under my control, I can relax. Spend at least a few hours at rest and freely breathe. When life turns into chaos, at least I can control something here, ”- Sarah about.

15. ”Going to work. Before leaving, I usually have a little anxiety, but when I find myself in place, it disappears, ” – Heather K.

16. “When I want to relax, I watch Korean dramas. I am completely immersed in them and at least shortly stop analyzing everything. This makes it possible to return to a calm state, ” – Molly K.

17. ”Depilation of eyebrows wax! I like light music in the beauty salon and the fact that none of the employees knows who I am, for them I am just some kind of lady who comes to the eyebrow depilation once every 3 weeks. 10 minutes I just lie and relax, ” – Louise K.

18. “I take https://alkhaleej-medical.com/2023/07/17/cialis-online-canada-reviews/ an orange from the refrigerator and concentrate on this cold ball, this helps to pull myself together. The heart ceases to pound, and the stream of thoughts in my head slows down enough so that I can ask for support if I need it, ” – Sarah K.

19. ”I call the numbers at random. For example, 16, 4, 8, 22 and t.D. This helps to take your head with something and stop the flow of thoughts-especially when you lie in bed and cannot fall asleep, ”- Grant J.

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