If your knees hurt: we restore joint health

With age, the joints make themselves felt. And often problems begin with the knees. They can whine or crunch – and this is considered a conditional norm: ”It happens with everyone”. Of course you do not want the situation to aggravate. So, you need to take care of the knees. Let’s figure out how exactly.

Why exactly the knees are trying to fail in the first place? They have to bear almost the entire body weight – their knees should keep our body, while maintaining both relaxation and freedom of movement. Unfortunately, far from always we use their joints as conceived by nature.

In Qigun there is an idea of the ascending flow of energy from the Earth. You can believe or not believe in it, but this image clearly illustrates what is the normal mode of operation of the knee joints. They must ”let” this energy up through themselves while driving or in a static position. That is, the joint must be “disclosed”, it should have a space. Then he retains his depreciation qualities and health.

If there is tension in the knee, that

Para avaliar o tamanho do membro, é necessário olhar para a cabeça da cabeça (ou no polegar ou no tamanho da perna). Infelizmente, os fisiologistas alemães nos decepcionam – esse relacionamento não é detectado. Ao chamar, a propósito, que essa abordagem, em princípio, o caso é doloroso. Mesmo que seja verdade – não há um senso particular de conhecimento em um estado estático. É uma ereção – mais as ”dimensões” iniciais da dignidade, menos elas aumentam de como comprar viagra na farmácia durante a ”prontidão da luta” e vice -versa.

is, the joint is excessively clamped, then it begins to gradually collapse. We do not particularly feel this excessive stress – it begins to be perceived very quickly as the norm, because our legs are almost constantly in motion.

Asymmetry: why does ”skew” arise?

Another serious reason for the destruction of the joint is uneven voltage. Asymmetry occurs due to the fact that somewhere higher, in the pelvis, in the spine or even in the neck, curvature arose.

For example, even small scoliotic curvatures can cause pelvic torsion: it turns a little around its axis. This cannot be noticed with the naked eye, but now there are a different amount of load on different knees. One “takes on” a little more weight, the other is a little less. And then there is also a bias inside the joint: one part of it begins to collapse faster, as it were to “grind”.

These processes can occur for years. But if a person, say, at the age of 15, had a scoliotic curvature, then by the age of 40 he has every chance to start suffering from knee pain. What to do so that this does not happen?

Exercises for posture

If these joints are already reminiscent of themselves, this is a very, very serious reason to do first of all with posture. Know pain is a clear sign that something is wrong with the usual position of the body, even if the back does not really hurt and there are no complaints about it.

Where to start classes, especially if there is pain in the legs? Choose relaxation practices – such as qigong for the spine Sing Juang. The purpose of these practices is to find the usual tension, relax it in an upright position and restore a harmonious posture, and therefore normalize the position of the knee joints.

Such practices, as a rule, include slow movements aimed at finding deep relaxation, so the knees will not injure: Sing Shen Juang is safe for the joints. But if a person gets tired during exercises, they can be done while sitting on a chair. Therefore, they are suitable for the elderly.

Exercise for the knee

As part of the Sing Course, Shen Juang, on advanced workshops, we give students special exercises for relaxing the knee joints.

Very slow, delicate movements reveal the knee joint – so that the space appears between the articular surfaces. This provides an additional influx of synovial fluid to the joint: it brings nutrients, which means that the regeneration process intensifies.

All our fabrics to one degree or another have the ability to restore. And if you provide the knee joint with sufficient conditions for updating, it will begin to restore.

Simple, but very effective exercise

  • Sit on a high and wide surface – on the table or windowsill. It is important that the thigh completely lay on the surface, and the lower leg hangs freely without touching the floor.
  • Put your palm on the knee – thus you will control the movement in the knee joint, track it and make it even more delicate and neat.
  • Start rotation, as if you describe a stop circle with a diameter of 5 cm. That is-a very, very small circle and very, very slowly! One circle – at least 5 accounts.

With your hand, track this rotation and ask yourself the question of what else you can relax in the joint to make the movement more smooth. Most likely, you will feel that the movement is intermittent, twitching – and this is normal. Thus you find the usual joint tension and relax it.

Look for greater and greater smoothness in rotation. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes on one leg and the same amount to the other. And then stand up and mark what changes have occurred in the joints: so more springy, free movements.

This practice can be performed 1-2 times a day when there is a free minute. And it is also vital athletes, which have large loads on the knees. For example, runners after training. When the joint is warmed up, the exercise will be especially effective.

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